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WaterWheels has just been released by SmokeCreek Records. Link to purchase through CDBaby for downloads is . The CD is now available for purchase at CDBaby as well. Coming soon will be the SmokeCreek Records online store for purchasing services and the CD. Artists that want to promote and sell their CDs and swag on this site please contact us. We would especially like to promote artists from the Reno / Tahoe area. 


Send us an email with the name of one of the songs off the album, and you will receive a free download code for the whole album in mp3 format. This is a limited time offer.

SmokeCreek Records can provide the following services for the Indie recording artist in the Reno / Tahoe Nevada area. Some musician services are available for remote recording for those songwriters and artists in other parts of the world.
Song writing and Lyrics
Music Publishing Services
Music Promotion
Track recording for your project
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