SmokeCreek Records


Our services include:

Track Recording
If you have a project that needs some help with instrument tracks, send us your project and Greg Gardner will lay down the tracks in the style you need. Specializing in Piano, Synthesizers, Electric Lead & Rhythm guitar, and Acoustic guitar. Can also provide drum tracks and bass instrumentation.

Local Recording
We can take on small recording projects for local musicians wanting to get their demo out there. Remote recording is available in some cases.

If you're stuck on the melody or lyrics of a song you're writing, We can provide experienced input into your creative process. Small fees will apply, and you maintain all copyrights. For comprehensive collaboration, we will co-write songs in certain cases.

Music Publishing
Join the growing catalog of material under SmokeCreek Music. We will take your song from copyright to marketing it for use by other artists. This can be a source of long-term income.

Music Promotion
We take on a select few bands or individual artists and will promote their recordings and appearances. Primarily, we focus on promoting the music and songwriting.

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